Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Alphabet Children

The screams of a crazed woman shatters a morning in Santo Domingo. In her home she has discovered a mysterious boy with a large, crimson M on his shirt. When the Los Pardos family shelters this enigmatic child who can only say “M,” they become part of a terrifying ordeal involving renegade nuns, a nameless woman living in the slums, a Dominican neo-Nazi, and even a pair of sadistic policemen.

Behind all these events looms a man with two long scars on his back. A man who regards his scars as the result of God ripping off his angel wings as punishment. On a smaller, nearby island he has collected unwanted children whom he taught to utter just one letter of the alphabet each. The time is approaching when he will employ these children as a weapon to overthrow God. 

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